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'I just want to be . . . COMFORTABLE'

Few Breadwinners are prepared to do what is needed to be Rich. While both 'Rich' and 'Comfortable' are relative terms, the following benefits come your way when you're 'Comfortable':

  • Passive Income Streams (PIS). You need Income Streams that are truly passive, recurring, multiple and growing.
  • TIME Freedom. You spend your whole life working and saving so that one day you can retire and start living. Bull! Time to start living is now!

What is the 'Financial Freedom Map'?

About Louis Naude

I quickly saw that 'working for a salary' is a life long trap. Still, it took me 20 years to escape.

The Goal is simple: Get to a position where you have enough Income for which you do not have to work (traditionally called 'Retirement', but there are easier ways to get there these days).

We are taught that there is only one way to get there: SAVING. But even if you save your WHOLE salary, you will still have to work your whole life to hopefully have enough to produce enough Income on which you to retire.

The thing is this: we all get caught up in a lifestyle. As your Income grows, so does you Outflow. Lifestyle is greatly influenced by spouse, children, keep up wih the Joneses, nicer house, fancy car, the list goes on. . . Nothing wrong with that, but having to WORK to Income, you never have the TIME to enjoy that Lifestyle!!

But there ARE solutions! Check out the free PDF below, and let's see where this takes us on our journey to freedom . . .